About us

Escapeland Real Estate is a licensed estate agency based in Naxos Island, Greece. We are working under a realtors code of ethics, brokering works to our clients advantage. We are specialized in selling houses, building plots and commercial property, mainly on Naxos Island. We promise to find the property of your dreams and give personal assistance to go through the process of purchasing and the necessaries after sales services to manage the property.

Representing legally our clients, we act in the best interests of them, using our knowledge, all our experience, tools and information, to help them to obtain an affordable priced property on Naxos Island.

Although some buyers think, they can make a better deal, dealing directly with the seller, reality is usually different, as direct confrontation between buyer and seller can create problems, when emotions get in the way of a successfully negotiated deal, as well as, there is no complete information on local matters.

On the other hand we are all the time aware of the current market conditions. So knowing Naxos Island like the back and front of our hands, we are better equipped to deal with sellers in that area.

Furthermore we can find and present owners before their property is placed on the market and exposed to every possible buyer in the area.

For us the key to success in our work is to know everything possible about the perspectives of the area, the local problems, upcoming new investments, and changes in zoning or other regulations or rules that affect real estate both directly and indirectly.

Our office had developed into a small team of people who work together in such a way, that they know more about the property in the area than the property owners do, creating and using a great deal of personal confidence, to our customers advantage.

Consequently we want to help our clients to expand their knowledge on the local issues to the point where their self-confidence becomes the main factor for starting as real estate investors or to take pleasure in living on Naxos Island.

Our policy to deal with the sellers to our clients advantage is extended to the best agents and developers on Naxos Island. They have the perfect solutions of villas and holiday houses with panoramic view to the sea and mountains, or they can fix your dream house, according to your plans and budget.

If you work with our company, you only have to pay a fee after the successful completion of the deal. In addition, as an added bonus, you will save money, in doing the due needed diligence to buy or fix the property in an economical way. So the paid fee is returned back multiplied.

Our philosophy for any kind of transaction, is based on sincerity, responsibility, reliability, consistency, confidence, speed and efficiency.