Steps for someone to follow to buy a property

  1. Sent a letter of intent, through the postal or fax or E-mail using the CONTACT REQUEST FORM. To Get Maximum Benefits from Our Office, we need to know:

    • The investment goals you desire to accomplish.
    • The kind of property you want to have information on and the criteria to meet to be satisfactory and not exaggerate your financial capability.
    • What exactly you expect from our office in detail.

  2. Wait at first a reply to confirm the receiving of your letter, following by the necessary information, through e-mail or fax or/and by telephone.
  3. Visiting Naxos, Striking a Bargain, Signing the Contract.
    If you decide to visit Naxos, to complete the purchasing, we assist you as follow:

    • Ensure accommodation in a hotel of your satisfaction. ACCOMMODATION OFFER: The residence in ESCAPE LAND STUDIOS APARTMENTS (  ), is offered free of charge, to the Escapeland Realty clients, in the months April, May, September and October if we have a previous notice and of course if there is availability at visiting time.
    • During this period, we show you the places you are interested in and help you, to decide and reach to an agreement with the seller as well as to complete the necessary paper work and corporations in order to finish the transaction from the first or second visit.
    • After that, we render the necessary after sales services, as it was previously mentioned.