Why Naxos

Why do we recommend Naxos Island for a permanent place of residence or for country houses. The advantages of Naxos that attract investors.

Position - Access - Transportation

Naxos is situated in the center of the Aegean Sea, near to a continental country, with fast and easy access to transportation's, central health services, amusing and entertainment opportunities, not only in Naxos but also, to the surrounding islands.

Self-sufficient in local-ecological products

Naxos is the largest, the richest and the most fertile Island of Cyclades. It is rich in water reserves and mineral wealth, fertile in traditional and high quality rural and stockbreeding products, so far that is self-sufficient. The visitor may find whatever he needs, enjoying also the experiences of new tastes, without loosing his good nutritional habits.

Rich in Natural Beauties

The unique relief, with continues changes in landscapes and colors, creates very intense morphological characteristics. So, the high mountains interchange as an scenery background, with fertile valleys and flat countries, canyons with dry stream beds and plane trees, endless pebble and sand dune beaches, countless hidden gulfs and sheltered bays, circular plains and tablelands with olive groves, lakes and artificial water deposits, ancient oaks and coastal cedar trees, caves and traditional path ways, quarries of marble and emery (Naxian earth), a cascade-like waterfall that is a unique spectacle in the dry Cyclades. Furthermore, the sugar color of the sandy beaches, that interchanges with the green of the cedar trees, the turquoise color of the always present sea, the gray of the mountain peaks of Zas and Fanari and the moon landscape of Tsikalario, lead you to an unforgettable experience.

Finally, on the highest peak of Cyclades Island (Zas 1004m), you can experience an amazing and astonishing panoramic view over Naxos and the surrounding Islands.

The Unique Gift of Cultural Inheritance

Prehistoric and Classical antiquities, like remains of temples, acropolis and settlements, Byzantine monuments such as churches, rural chapels, Venetian towers and Medieval castles, fortress-towers, cloisters and fortified long-abandoned monasteries are spread all over the Island. There are several interesting exhibits of the inheritance and folklore tradition, in the museum of Naxos town and in some villages.

Art-lovers can find also monumental statues worked on by artists and left behind in the ancient quarry.

Living on Naxos never gets boring

The combination of natural beauty with the cultural-traditional inheritance and the loveliest old walking trails, give the possibility for environmental interior tourism. In addition the resident or the visitor has the possibility, in his free time, to find alternatives and activities, in local amusement where the tradition is being kept until today, or in swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, jogging, horse riding, hunting or gardening, combined with new kinds of entertainment and water sports like wind/kite surfing. Also, the nature and the quietness on the Island is a challenge for reading or developing other artistic- philosophical or writer's activities. Furthermore, you will discover that Naxos still is an undiscovered natural treasure and is always exciting.  

Naxos, the Source of Energy

"The size of the Island, the lack of uniformity, the intense relief and the constant changes in the eye of landscape and colors, combined with the continual sunshine, doesn't bores but in contrary, excites the phychicism and the being of the visitor, either he is moving on the Island or he is just an observer. Moreover, with the activities he may develop, renew his body and psychical cells, awake unknown forces inside of him, and suddenly discover new and fresh energy, new experiences, wish for living and the self-satisfaction that he can have a different and better life than before." The place for your mind, your body and your soul.

(Text overtaken from an artist resident on Naxos Island)

Inviting Meteorological and Geological Conditions

Naxos has almost all year long sunshine (a yearly average of about 3,000 hours) and a typical temperate Mediterranean climate with nice temperatures. It has one of the warmer air temperatures during winter (average 13deg C) and the coolest during summer (average 25deg C). It snows rarely and the snow falling near the sea melts immediately. In the mountains, however, the snow stays. The water temperature is lowest in February, with 14deg C, and almost subtropical in August with 24deg C. The wind usually blows from north with 3 to 4 beaufort on a yearly average of 95%. In the summer, mainly in July and August, the famous wind, called Meltemi often blow for days, during the daytime only, from north to northeast, with 5 to 6 beaufort.

According to the geological conditions, there is not any earthquake activity on Naxos.


Safety Feeling In Health Issues


There is a Health Center-Hospital, with almost all the medical specialization's that can cover satisfactory to all the health incidents. Soon, it is about to be upgraded to a full peripheral hospital, so that no more transports of patients to Athens hospitals will be needed. In the meantime, a need for emergency-transports in central hospitals will be succeeded with a government helicopter or sea means of transportation. In addition we give to our customers the possibility, to obtain immediate and constant access to health services using EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE and HEALTH INSURANCE!


Naxos never gets crowded

The big size of the Island, its agriculture and stockbreeding character, the economic self-sufficiency of the residents, their interest only for quality family tourism (Naxos is famous for family tourism) and their discretion to preserve the pure character and natural beauty of their island, in additional, the enrichment of the law with building restrictions, that aim to the protection of all the natural and cultural environment, are the factors that guarantee, that Naxos will never be crowded and maintain its traditional character!


The Islanders

Naxians share a great love for their island, from which draw inspiration and are proud of their heritage. They are warm, kindly and hospitable to foreigners and for sure they are going to win your respect and friendship, with their natural friendliness and their open-heartedness.


Your Investment is valuable!

The value of the house or other property, which you obtain in Naxos Island, rises time after time. So with taking pleasure in Naxos goodies, you have the possibility to get more for the property than the invested capital, in case of a reselling.